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My minicity

Hi guys. Please help me grow my city by going to this link.

If you try to go to more than one of the links contained in the bundle, only the first link you choose will help my city.

Pick wisely, because it’s 1 click per IP per day.


This game is really cool. It’s called Elephant Rave. An epic guy named jmtb02 made it.

Like the song in the game? Here’s the full version. It’s called I’m A Raver by ZeRoBaSs.

I found a cool Shakespearean Insults Generator!

(Edited for clarity.)

The best prank call ever:

“Hello, Dominos?”

“Yes sir, how may I help you?”

“Give me Pizza Hut’s number!”



The Game

 The World’s Most Infamous Mind Virus:

Warning. Do not read if you want to keep whatever sanity you have left.

The rules of The Game:

Rule 1: You are playing The Game.

Rule 2: When you think about The Game, you lose.

Rule 3: Loss must be announced.

Still confused? Then go to:

Wolfram|Alpha is a REALLY cool website that you can use to solve math problems, learn information about different places, translate to and from Morse code, find languages spoken in any given country, find anagrams of a word or phrase, find and analyze current data about a stock, calculate Scrabble scores for a word, learn how common or rare a name is, look up the definition for words… Check it out! It’s like Google for the real world.

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