“There is no delight in owning anything unshared.” ~ Seneca, a Roman philosopher

I’m going to make a new type of blog.

YOU, the user, decide the topics I blog about. Here’s how it’ll work.

Go to the Ideas page, and comment about what you would like me to talk about. If you like an idea, copy and paste the text of the idea and make it your own comment. I’ll know the originator of the idea by the first person who posted it. If you have multiple ideas, please make them separate comments. If you have 2 ideas in the same post, I’ll delete the entire post. Sorry, but it’s necessary.

I will also post about things I want to talk about, too. That way, I have some control.

Another thing: I have veto power. If an idea is morally wrong or demeaning, or otherwise screwy, I will veto it. I will delete any instance of the idea that appears in the Top Ideas section. If it is reposted, I will delete it again. Hopefully, the very existence of veto power will be enough so I don’t actually ever have to use it.

Any ideas that go into the Guestbook section will be deleted, and any non-idea comments that go in the Ideas will also be deleted.

If you want to make an article for my blog, contact me via Private Message on Braingle.com. My username there is Math321. Write out what you want me to say, and if I like it, I’ll post it in my blog and tell everyone that that article was created by “name” @ Braingle.com. In the future I may accept article submissions from my inbox at Roblox.com, but not yet.

In other news, I might be making a chat room for the sidebar. I might make it some sort of answering machine for you to put ideas in or just say hi, or so any readers of my blog can talk to one another, or maybe something different that I haven’t thought of yet.

If you know a good use for a chat room other than the ones I’ve posted, put it in the Ideas section. If you have any Ideas, put them in there.

There will be 3 kinds of Ideas.

  1. Ideas for topics that I’ll post about. (Computers, sports, math, almost anything.)
  2. Ideas for technical changes. (Addition of chat room, deletion of a feature, stuff like that.)
  3. Ideas for new kinds of Ideas that are allowed to be suggested.

If you have a Question, put it on the Questions page.